Mar 24

The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD Wants To Be The Biggest, Baddest, Truck on the Block

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Heavy Duty truck buyers only have so many choices so when a new version comes out consumers and press take notice. Chevrolet’s #SilveradoHD was one of the oldest trucks on the market but for 2020, that has changed with the all-new version that takes cues directly from the smaller #ChevroletSilverado half-ton. Under the hood, the #Silverado2500 gets two 6.6L V8 engines in gas and #DuramaxDiesel options along with a new 10-speed #Allison transmission for the #Duramax diesel engine. The result is a truck with some of the best driving dynamics in the segment, married to an interior that is in desperate need of a refresh.


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  1. Lord Itself

    people who are vertically challenged! no one has been told me short like this, except my mom. very nice and polite. 1:42

  2. Mohsen Raghian

    Rear leg room, "even Mercedes S class does not have leg room like this," that is very true. One thing I have noticed sine trucks piqued my interest, starting back in 2018 when I bought my '17 F Explorer S. When I was at the dealer I sat in a F150 4X4 and then I tried the rear seats and I was amazed at the amount of leg room it had. It had the most leg room of any car I had sat in before. Now, I am wondering if I should have bought a truck instead of an SUV! I am thinking about trading my SUV in for either a RAM 1500 Limited, RAM 2500 Wagon, GMC 1500 AT4, GMC 2500 or the GM 2500 of course with a gas engine since I really have no intention of towing anything anytime soon, lol!

  3. Nissan370Z

    This truck is uglier than coronavirus.

  4. OSSIE

    That looks shit

  5. King Zein

    Bagaimana aku bisa membelinya ini.. kok gede kali mobilnya kayak gajah hutan hahaha

  6. Madluv4ya

    Excellent video! Thank you for being very detailed🙏
    I too am vertically challenged 😁🙌❣️

  7. think more

    dislike because u didn’t mention mpg

  8. José Benito Martínez Jr.

    "FAT friends! This dude lacks tact! Hahah!

  9. RitualJoker

    But is it reliable?

  10. ByTheWay

    The look of this truck 😖

  11. L0NE W0LF

    That front end is ugly.

  12. William Grand

    The interiors are so boring. The f150 wins just because of the interior.

  13. Haziimm Husejnn

    At least Chevy dosent brag about how many they have sold over amount of time like ford

  14. Marc in FL

    Side view design of Silverado is good. Front and rear, IMO, does not match the rest of the truck. Interior is nice. Slainte' ! Cheers !

  15. Trevorl2266

    Need to stick the interior of the new Tahoe and Suburban in this truck and the GMC, would help sales tremendously.

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