Aug 12

The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe is the New Gold Standard Full-Size SUV


The 2021 Chevy Tahoe is the new full-size SUV from Chevrolet. Today I’m reviewing the new Tahoe, and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of the new Chevrolet Tahoe High Country. I’m also driving the new 2021 Tahoe to show you what the new Tahoe is like on the road.

GMC SIERRA HD REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyGmuGQNSqE


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  1. David Alen

    Hi chandler 😀

  2. Gio S6

    Tahoe…Yukon…Escalade… at this point they are all the exact same vehicle. I don't even see why GM still makes 3 different variants of the same vehicle. And these prices are in the same arena. If a person has 75-80k to splurge on a Tahoe/Yukon i'm sure they have no problem spending 90-100k on the Escalade. I really don't understand the differentiation of the three at this point.

  3. Dabaholic Gawd

    Need the two door Tahoe back like its 98

  4. sean c

    I still don't like it. Too much money for the "suburban neighborhood look at me and what I drive "mobile.

  5. Frank Gonzalez

    Get rid of the two rear doors, the third row seat and shorten it and boom, you have the Blazer Chevy should have built instead of that thing they call the Blazer.

  6. Fernando Ceja

    Jackpot on the price before Doug talked about it. I said 75K and it is.

  7. Mike B

    It's built with large wheels & new suspension to take the bumps out of the road and he doesn't even mention it…….

  8. Biggie Smells

    I like weird storage compartments, I welcome him.

  9. Zlatko Unger

    Not gonna show the console slide back? That's one of the most revolutionary features!

  10. Mike B

    Mentioned everything except the 15 different wheel options ranging from 18 – 22"

  11. Ruslan R

    Second row is as ridiculous as old model. No tilting seats, will always have to remove car seats or booster to get into third row. And all that hardware you have to step over every time you get into third row is just fail.

  12. David Taylor

    Europeans think these are monstrous. Americans think of them as an eco-friendly alternative to a Suburban.

  13. Anthony

    I'm not buying a Tahoe. Why am I watching this.

  14. Nikolas Bergeron

    Ok, I love both cheve, dodge, and ford but. The flex and explorer had many of these features for much less, too. It's like its playing catch up with ford.

  15. YSG 2017

    Chevrolet and Gold Standard is an oxymoron. Lol.

  16. Chris Kirby

    I really think engine hours should be standard

  17. Rtb Inc

    Was that a storage area right in front under the hood, or just access to the radiator?

  18. ninjahood

    Column shifter >>>>>>

  19. YOGI

    I don’t see 75k worth of truck

  20. Nik Daniel Nik Kz

    I didn’t even know what features does the tahoe has because I live outside the US so keep on mentioning the features! That’s why I love ur vids Doug!

  21. GhostSpectre

    Doug: "This still has the boxy look…"
    Any 90s Tahoe: "Am I a joke to you?"

  22. Brock Burgi

    420 horsepower.


  23. herranton1979

    You'd be dumb not to wait for the Escalade. It's waaaaay nicer on the inside. And a base model is the same money as a high country.

  24. Winston Peters

    The drive modes in this car should be

    – Soccer
    – Costco carpark
    – Driveby shooting

  25. Ofer Bahir

    Can you do a review of the Toyota Sienna?

  26. jbn675478

    the caressing of the cars materials is making me uneasy

  27. Evanthi Premarathne

    I'd rather buy a 2020 toyota land cruiser

  28. StreetStang

    Gold Standard? Hardly…GM just sucks at designing vehicle interiors. They have been about 8 years behind other car manufacturers for as long as I can remember. For $75,000 I would be buying a navigator. No question about it.

  29. Phillip Connolly

    Wow. A complete waste of 75K. Good luck Chevy.

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