Dec 18

The Bolt EV | Chevrolet

Description: From concept to assembly and now delivery, the Bolt EV has arrived with an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range per charge. Not only can you go where you want, Bolt EV makes it fun to get there. From the beautifully sculpted exterior to its impressive all-electric performance, you’re in for an exceptional driving experience. Plus, as the 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Bolt EV is not just a great electric vehicle, it’s a great vehicle, period.
Learn more about the all-electric 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV: http://www.chevrolet.com/bolt-ev-electric-vehicle.html

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  1. Markus Brandhuber

    Order will be placed as soon as the car is available in germany!

  2. TheBlacktom

    For contrast:
    GM warns of potential battery degradation of up to 40% for Chevy Bolt EV during warranty period or 100,000 miles
    Report: GM will lose ~$9,000 for every Chevy Bolt EV it sells before ZEV creditGM officially gives up on nationwide launch of the Chevy Bolt EV, now commits to ‘slow’ ramp up in 2017

  3. SnapHost

    Well done GM!!! (Congrats from a proud owner of Chevy Volt 2nd gen)

  4. Alexander Robertson

    it's gonna end up just like the chevy aveo, In a used car lot not selling :)

  5. Mike

    What's the name of the song playing? Shazam couldn't identify it.

  6. jmorris6758

    This is a must if you do ride sharing

  7. Tom Thies

    I bought a used 2012 Chevy Volt two years ago. I'm very happy with the car. If I needed a second car, I would strongly consider the Chevy Bolt. Sell the Bolt in Minnesota! We have a good fast charging infrastructure and many 240V charging stations. I know a few folks in our group that would like to buy one. The Minnesota Plug-in Vehicle Owners Circle.

  8. John Trussell 3rd

    LOVE my 2017 Volt!!! Now I need a Bolt to go with it. The perfect combination. Thank you GM for building such great cars, you won me over from VW. I was a 16 year customer and they lost me after they got caught.

  9. Sapphire blue


  10. Ray Mytrowitz

    Thank you for making my day! Good luck!! A bright future lies ahead! 👍🏼

  11. daniel PC/ Xbox

    That range is really really impressive

  12. Sapphire blue

    my chevy better act right

  13. Mohammed Furqaan

    That moment when GM realizes that they made fun of themselves (Model 3 Upcoming)

  14. The-Camaro -Guy88

    its so cute and little…I want ..hahahaha

  15. Pete.M.

    Keep that gasoline pumping, America!

  16. Mr. Money Mustache

    Awesome work, GM!

    It's amazing to see American companies (Tesla and GM) several years ahead of anybody else in electric car development. I am looking forward to trying out a Bolt someday soon myself.

    Bring on the electric SUVs and pickups too – the basic idea of an electric drivetrain is a huge improvement on gas from the performance/fun perspective, so it will be nice to have something to offer the non-car people as well.

  17. macgarp

    I love it. I had a chance to sit in one the other day. very comfy

  18. stuff which I regularly watch

    can't wait for my new Tesla

  19. manoman0

    Gosh, I already love the car!!

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