Jun 07

The Connected Travelling Lounge | Design Reveal New Opel Zafira

The new Opel #Zafira will not only shine with all of the well-known virtues of its predecessors, it also comes with an attractive new exterior and interior design that emphasizes the spacious ambience and an outstanding connectivity offering.

The front design of the new Zafira takes over the major characteristics of the one of the award winning new Astra, and anchors it in Opel’s new portfolio. Its sharp, precise double-winged daytime running lights convey a new level of sophistication, which is also reflected in the interior by a completely redesigned instrument panel. It is purer, clearer and easier to use, explain Vice-President GM Europe Design Mark Adams and Karim Giordimaina, Director Interior Design Opel/Vauxhall.

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  1. Tine Sandy

    Hello, any update on when we can order it here with our dealer in Belgium ? Can't wait to start driving my new Zafira ?

  2. Bnmo Omnb

    Mark Adams!quit designing,as fast as possible!you ruin opel cars

  3. Roman R

    Very nice.

  4. Ricardo Fonseca

    Very nice.The best model ever.

  5. Bruno Marú

    3 rows of seats.. I want to see more!!

  6. Tine Sandy

    Very nice. When can it be ordered ?

  7. Urban Stader

    Nice car :)

  8. ONYX.G

    Will it still be called Zafira Tourer or just Zafira will it be cheaper than the previous gen Zafira and when will it hit showrooms?

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