Dec 03

The history of Opel’s compact cars

2012 marks Opel’s 150th anniversary. To honor the occasion we are celebrating the rich past of legendary Opel models. In this case the awesome line-up of compact cars such as the Kadett or the Astra. For more join us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Opel

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  1. Aimar Ramadhan

    Opel cars are great, like Kadet, Astra, and Blazer that I have is still looking good but when they got more than 20 of age they start to get some damage. But it's still quite strong not like other cheap cars , only 10 of age old they start to broke apart easily.

  2. Sanyey

    You seem to have problems with dates 😀 Kadett D 1979, Kadett E 1984, Astra F 1991, Astra G 1998, Astra H 2004 ;)

  3. Elderado The Savage

    Isn't Opel Owned by General Motors

  4. Opel

    ‪#‎Opel‬ compact cars you simply need to check out! What's your favorite?

  5. piotrekgamer

    Very great

  6. piotrekgamer

    Vert great :)

  7. bubuliciu

    Great, but H OPC?

  8. StaticNova

    Kadett e gsi <3

  9. wacek4001

    1:23 I have this car. Zero problems, good car.

  10. Tomáš Lerch

    the best cars :))

  11. GoncaloM08

    I'm this video's 69th viewer. xD

  12. 恒川揚史


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