Aug 04


In case you want a 2020 Isuzu Traviz, you may contact JAMS at +639178783703. Thank you Isuzu manila for this opportunity.

This is my first time to review an actual commercial truck, and it is the 2020 ISUZU Traviz light commercial truck. The Isuzu Traviz is known as the Isuzu Traga in Indonesia, where it has been sold since last year. The Traviz can be configured to be a passenger-type cab, a refrigerated truck, or even a drop side truck. This is based on the DMAX chassis, which makes it highly maneuverable. It has better brakes as well for stopping power. The Isuzu Travis is an entrepreneur’s companion, since it can haul a lot of stuff and still chug along. The Traviz now has an updated diesel engine which is euro 4 compliant. This isuzu truck will go against the Mitsubishi L300 FB.


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  1. Rajesh Chalise

    mileage city or highway ?

  2. Toto Gelen

    Why its underr power and torque is not punchier, since it is upgraded it shoud have 100hp and 200+ nm torque since its 2.5L compare to L300 that has 2.2 L engine.

  3. Ken Kei

    You are reviewing isuzu traviz but you dont know if it is power steering or not..

  4. Bearing Ph Motoring

    The a/c is optional because some prefer hard boiled eggs!

  5. soundummy

    the traviz and older crosswind needs some savage review beating. . . thankfully reygan held himself! haha

  6. malyn esteves

    For 22 person in a 78 hp under POWER

  7. Rudyson Lubis

    Boss, hindi bagay… hehehehe

  8. mushi mushi mushi

    2.5 4ja1 the engine of isuzu older d-max,fuego,hilander,crosswind and now traviz but euro 4 with d-max chassis,for me d-max flexicube is better with higher engine specs 2.5 4jk1,but the traviz is like a modern suzuki multicab.

  9. Khampfer

    Lmao no seat belts so we can die like a man 😂😂😂

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