Jan 30

The LEGO® Chevy Silverado – Getaway | Chevrolet

Emmet and Lucy from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART find themselves in a Chevy Silverado commercial. One of them is thrilled about it. The other? Not so much. See the film in theaters February 8.

Learn more at: https://www.chevrolet.com/all-new-lego-silverado

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  1. Morgan Yuan

    best ad ever⊙∀⊙!

  2. Smart Emmet

    Ok. This is taking a LEGO Movie 2 commercial to the next level!

  3. ahmad isam

    S sound of power
    I intelligent
    L long distance truck
    V V8 engine
    E efficiency
    R ride safely
    A all terrain truck
    D do it and buy it

  4. Legounivercerocks101

    You guys have got to make a deal with Lego to make this a set. I'd buy it as soon as it came out.

  5. Elijah GH

    Best. Car ad. Ever. 😄👍

  6. 2fast4all

    Down to the cup holders AND 2019 mylink software!!


    Emmet finally empresses wildstyle/Lucy and she's so surprised that Emmet improved at building.

  8. Anthony

    I’m waiting for Mahk

  9. maximilianmus

    I love commercials like these

  10. Adam Arellano

    Y'all this is actually really cool

  11. Fermin Mark Pousada

    That was AWESOME

  12. Andrew Agustin

    A cool chevy ad

  13. Streamlined Thomas 175

    I think that might me a lego set to me

  14. Amydash Urias

    This is a cool ad

  15. Emmet Brickowski

    *Drives the Chevy Silverado*

  16. Eric032289

    I wonder how Mahk from those Chevy commercial parodies is going to react to this.

  17. Toy Model Collector

    I see you copied dodge with a lego commercial still think the dpge lego commercial is better actual lego world not a advertismemt like this. I don't like doge more of a ford chevy guy not buying a chevy no more

  18. Jason Larsen

    How do I know this isn’t full of lies like your “real assholes” commercials?

  19. Dominic Kirkwood

    I love it Chevrolet 💯

  20. PoppinNugget

    Love it!! 😂♥️♥️

  21. Brandon1629ESUHSD

    Meanwhile in the Lego universe….

  22. TheCombustionGuys

    Finally! a commercial Chevy can be proud to put up and out there!

  23. Ford Mavericks OS X

    Another cheesy product placement for a crappy movie.

  24. Valdir Henrique


  25. DecentraX Coin

    I went to google to buy the Lego set, and so sad to see they didn't release it, what a missed opportunity for everyone.

  26. MillerTime

    Fun fact: Chris Pratt drives a Ford F-150

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