Apr 17

The New Isuzu mu-X | First South African Review

Isuzu has introduced its first new model since General Motors’ departure from the South African market: a 7-seater Adventure SUV named the MU-X, which is a rival to the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

The MU-X may share its workmanlike 3.0-litre 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine with the venerable KB bakkie, but its a well-specified, practical family vehicle with a pliant ride quality courtesy its multi-link rear suspension.

Can the modernised Isuzu succeed where its now departed cousin, the Chevrolet Trailblazer failed? Ciro De Siena reviews the top-of-range MU-X derivative: the 3.0 4×4 Automatic.

Tow bar pricing:
Approx R4500 (ex VAT)

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  1. shepherd marufu

    rather a trailblazer

  2. shepherd marufu

    it looks more like a fortuner. replica

  3. chuene kgomo

    It looks like a Fortuner. My opinion

  4. cardude1992

    Needs a rear diff-lock and it would be awesome!

  5. Os / Hs

    I never liked a car reviewer this much before.

  6. Jay G

    In my country the Mux and the trailblazer co exist.

  7. Nick O

    Here in Oz our 3L makes 130kw and 430nm in Euro 5 spec

  8. Phil Venter

    Please do a review on ANY extended cab bakkie !?!?!?
    Practicality and so forth ?

  9. Kamohelo Olifant

    This guy is the best.

  10. 川西隼人

    I thought that I wanna buy this car, yet Surprisingly, we can't buy it in Japan, ISUZU only sell trucks in domestic…

  11. Ish Saggi

    In India there is Huge Difference in price of Fortuner and Mux.Fortuner is for 3400 thousand INR but MUX is for just 2500thousand INR. Around 35% price difference.

  12. acinixys

    What the hell are you going to plug an HDMI cable into your car for?

  13. alex coco

    In indian version you got a display screen for rear passengers

  14. ZA ZA

    Nice review

  15. Peter Watson

    In Australia and other countries the MU-X is sold with the same engine but it has 430nm torque and a 6 speed auto taken from the Hilux. It baffles the mind why SA can't have the same speck here. It will then really be a much better competitor.

  16. Peter Watson

    The MU-X is nice but the Toyota Fortuner is a much better buy at only a slightly higher price. The MU-X is overpriced by 80k-100k

  17. Kobus Swanepoel

    Why does the Australian/Thailand…etc Mu-X get 430nm torque and a 6 speed auto from the Hilux and we in SA don't?

  18. Aris Benitez

    Literally means it is very slow 😂😅😆

  19. Suvir Maharaj

    Toyota Fortuner is the best s u v and I don't like the Isuzu mu -x👎👎👎

  20. Suvir Maharaj

    The Toyota Fortuner is the best s u v and it looks like super cool and it looks sporty and I think Isuzu he's not spotting and it's not cool at all.

  21. Jackielene Camomot

    whats the tank capacity mate?

  22. njabulo Godfrey

    What about the Everest?u only mention the fortuner just like you did when u drove the x class you only did the Nissan,vw and Toyota u have something against ford boet

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