Nov 11

The new ISUZU mu X

Ready to have all eyes on you?
Inspired by the majestic eagle, the NEW ISUZU mu-X invites attention and ambition so you can soar to new heights.
Get ready for More Muscle. More Heart.
For more, visit: http://bit.ly/muXAvYT

#isuzumuxindia #moremusclemoreheart #thenewmux


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  1. S Raam

    No money to buy him……. but i love him anyways

  2. A Chauhan

    Put all this in dmaX

  3. Davanaufal 05

    Launch di Indonesia di Nerf gk nih

  4. Hussain Ali

    Please Isuzu launch Panther or Crosswind in India..

    We need a Utility Vehicle

  5. richard cero

    not RZ4E ENGINE?

  6. Akash warrier

    I want to buy it

  7. Karl Robles

    Terra and Everest is better in my opinion no hate

  8. ناصر الاحمد

    اول وحده عربي

  9. Akshit Soni

    No showroom nearby 🙁

  10. Disney Channel

    ANDI MACK, what's next?

  11. Noah Diruscio


  12. Harold Lomo

    Same old design! Which part is new?🤪

  13. USF Lifestyles

    Those who loves Driving. BORN TO DRIVE sticker for cars SUV compact SUV available online chk amz.

  14. Sean Hansen

    We need them to come back to the US

  15. unemployed

    What country's will this be released in?

  16. tvh tvh

    my dream car

  17. Naman the one

    Any day over CRV, Fortuner, Tiguan

  18. D-MAX1.9speed200 km/h

    D-MAX 402m 7.2sec

  19. Headstone

    Does the infotainment have navigation? Also, is it a 6 speed gearbox?

  20. around the world

    Release date

  21. Abhi aabhi

    Superb mux waiting for 1.9 engine release soon in India

  22. AutoMatriX


  23. Pranjit Boro

    I am waiting new Isuzu d max v cross 3.0 😚😚👌👌

  24. Ali Hameed


  25. Pratik Shinde

    Yes yes🎊🎊 I Am waiting for this 😍

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