Oct 08

The new Opel electric car Ampera-e

Range is King: The days when electric cars were just for short trips are gone. With a range of more than 500 km* on a single charge, the Opel Ampera-e is unrivaled in its segment. Find out more about the new Ampera-e: http://www.ampera-e.com

Charged with fresh thinking: The Opel Ampera-e is the electric revolution for everyday use. Despite being fully packed with the most cutting edge technology and outstanding digital connectivity, the Opel Ampera-e still has plenty of room for five passengers and an impressive amount of flexible cargo space.

*Preliminary value, measurement based on the standardized New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Naturally, the maximum range in everyday use deviates from the NEDC values. In practice, factors such as road characteristics, weather conditions, driving style or additional load influence the range. For more on electric range and how we measured it go to http://www.opel.com/ampera-e

Want to watch more videos about the Ampera-e? Check out our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-ycsZq2mnvzIeNuc9RS-ZgW7aOCJ0pkb

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  1. UltimatecHD

    The NEDC is not a good reference for measurement, EPA said that with one charge you can do 383km, btw I'm happy that companies are showing his new electric cars :)

  2. Zitix!

    IM In love
    xD cant stop watching the video

  3. Zitix!

    i am btw coming to paris motorshow tomorow so i wil look at the car thear :D

  4. Zitix!

    Btw do this car come out in 2017?

  5. Zitix!

    Opel i have never liked your cars.but now i love your cars well i now what i wil buy :D

  6. jagge Jonss

    Rater buy this than a nissan leaf. The leaf is a joke compared to this car

  7. Club Fiat Punto

    super cool i like buy

  8. Ivan Zinchenko

    Um Gottes Willen! Wie lang muss es noch dauern, bevor es ein elektrisches Familienauto zum Kaufen gibt?

  9. Kawagangster

    00:19 Sie ist wunderschön :O

  10. Throttle Channel

    Looks like a BMW i3 from so many angles!

  11. iPhone4ever

    Tolles Auto Gratulation an Opel, nur warum muss man Reichweiten anpreisen die in der Praxis nicht möglich sind? Realistisch werden wohl 350km sein. Bin sehr auf den Preis gespannt

  12. Mateusz Gaweł

    so girls like small electric cars:D

  13. Al3k S4nd3r

    Anyone knows who did this song for Opel. I tried everything….

  14. babatschitsch

    @Opel , wie ist der Name eurer Hintergrundmusik ?

  15. Elthib Entertainment

    Great video, what is the song used ?

  16. Jelle Teubner

    bestes auto ever von opel schon jetzt haha

  17. Wir leben Autos.

    Please. just hold on this commercial line. Not German this, German that. This is great! Sehr schönes werbung !

    Opel is back!

  18. Martin

    Sieht so aus, als ob der Ampera-e genau wie Tesla auch einen Frunk hat. Stimmt das?

  19. Mathias Bigbamboi

    wie heißt das lied…find das geil :)

  20. Róbert Gál

    Great job Opel!

  21. BokiXI

    Impressive news Opel! And the design is much better than Bolt! Most likely my next car.

  22. Fabian Bürschel

    10/10 would buy

  23. Opel Ampera

    450 – 500 km on one charge will convince many people, that's for sure!

  24. Nik 81

    Is this hybrid car or full electric car?

  25. Nikos Patsoumas

    we want new insignia….!!

  26. TheGTamonkey

    sieht in dieser farbe echt klasse aus der kleine! viel erfolg! ich steh dann doch
    mehr auf die OPC Modelle ;)


    Ohne Allrad läuft bei mir nix. Ausserdem sieht der häßlich aus und kostet wahrscheinlich wieder viel zu viel.

  28. Gabriel Stedtler

    über 500km!!! :o

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