Nov 25

The new Toyota Hilux 2016 fails moose test

The new Toyota Hilux close to tipping over in the evasive meneuver. Toyota’s answer and more at http://teknikensvarld.se/the-new-toyota-hilux-close-to-tipping-over-338223/


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  1. Abraham Blanco

    Toyota is an excellent brand I dont know why north americans and europeans hate it, every year I have a different hilux and never had that problem, it could happen but no one will make those insane turns and let the car roll

  2. camdog124

    A lot of butt hurt owners of this truck lmfao

  3. Ed will

    A real bonehead car anyway..

  4. sehlabo sefuli

    Toyota ain't good enough

  5. E. L.

    So they're saying the Hilux is the most fun to drive pickup truck available?

  6. Phantom197

    The tipping makes it cooler

  7. crephotos

    Wow Europe gets so much more choice when it comes to light trucks than North America!

  8. korn fifa

    ยอดขายนิตรสารพุ่งกระฉูดแน่เลย…น่าจะถ่ายทำขั้นตอนการบรรทุก ลมยาง ถ่ายหน้าปัดความเร็ว การเหยียบเบรค คันเร่งด้วย เพราะเหล่านี้เป็นตัวแปร. เราผู้บริโภคต้เสพสื่อพวกนี้ดี ๆ ฝรั่งนี้ฆ่ากันเองมาแล้ว อย่างฟอรดกับเชฟ

  9. Rafael Ferrei

    quiero ver todos los ángulos de giro del timón que se le hizo a cada vehículo para dar fiabilidad a este test.

  10. gt simmo

    I have 2016 hilux sr5, brother inlaw has 2016 bt 50 I have driven both on bitumen and off road. I'm just so glad I bought hilux. he is trading for a hilux next year.

  11. I reckon I can build that

    if you want a vehicle that performs well on road buy a sports car, if you want one that performs well off road buy a 4×4

  12. Edmund Walker

    well glad ain't no mosses round here lol still the overall best truck in its class though this needs to be dealt with

  13. Rostislav Račák

    So… you roll it back to the wheels and go on… :D

  14. Juanvla

    What about the fortuner 2016?

  15. Sagheer Alajmi

    Toyota is bad 💩

  16. TruAgape1234

    TOYOTA!!!!!!!! FIX YO TRUCK!!!!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!


    Though Hilux has lots of compliments, this moose test would make any owner or potential buyers upset.


    Though Hilux has lots of compliments, but this performance would make any owner or potential buyers upset.

  19. Bart Brander

    Pity on you. It is very simple. Toyota Hilux is REAL pick up for heavy duty. It is not to be consider as "city SUV'. Place some cargo above 150 kg and then start your moose test. Your test for me is to make much ado about nothing. Good bye and good night.

  20. Arnold Kasian Balazs

    Where is a Saab car when you need one 😭😭😭😭

  21. Armin K

    I think that most people are thaught to just brake and not turn at the risk of hitting the animal rather than swerve and risk dying. I know many people who lost control of their vehicle, some even died and they were driving regular cars. That test is pointless and it's just this channel or paper wanting for attention or wanting to give bad publicity.

  22. Joel Mammachen

    Did somebody notice that the Hilux was the only vehicle which didn't make any tire squeal. That tires are so grippy then.

  23. алексей котов

    Так чего вы хотите, у него самая жёсткая подвеска.Она любая так себя будет вести.Это нормально.

  24. Jacob Castro

    Stupid driver ever all new Toyota hilux is not failing

  25. Zenith Red

    Shameful. Mostly coming from a manufacturer as wealthy and powerful as Toyota.

  26. Troy Carbon

    There's a tiny bit of difference the way they drove the other cars against the hilux. The hilux when I was coming, there was no braking. The other cars were braking while cornering. There's a difference because the weight shifts when you brake rather than jerking it quickly. It all comes down to your technique.

  27. Erick Lochner

    a South African magazine did this exact test, with the cones at the same positions and the same speed and it did not respond like this. Search " Wegry moose test".

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