Dec 27

The Next Century of Chevy Trucks Starts Here | Chevrolet

100 years, over 85 million trucks built, and it all leads up to this. To commemorate the ending of one era and the beginning of another, we brought our most loyal owners out to the Texas Motor Speedway for a celebration 100 years in the making.

Here’s to the next 100.

Explore the next-generation Silverado: http://www.chevrolet.com/upcoming-vehicles/all-new-2019-silverado

Connect with Chevy: https://www.chevrolet.com
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  1. Suraj Jamdar

    Why you quit in india?Plz answer me.plz come back with your trust, quality,your sefty and your good will.i wait for you Chevrolet.

  2. Lord Enrique Peña Nieto. No fake.

    I've never seen so much shit gathered in one place, I mean the trucks.

  3. David Austin

    Congrats chevrolet on 100 years of making the best trucks i cant wait to hear about the all new SILVERADO THE KING OF TRUCKS

  4. Jake Miller

    Can't wait what stupid commercial you're going to come up with the Emoji I'm thinking it's a piece of shit

  5. Nathan Bauer

    Again chevys are piles of shit. So are fords.

  6. Joel Stapleton

    This will definitely be my new truck in 2020.

  7. Timothy McLaughlin

    Looks pretty dang sharp! Nice reveal folks! Well done… very well done!

  8. Christopher Braman

    Did they have to make it look like an f-150?

  9. KidsUnder TheBridge

    Can’t wait till mahk makes a video

  10. Diogo Cezar

    Fuck oil, TESLA FTW

  11. cummings power

    Hahahaha wtf is that an f150 lol come on chevy really!!!

  12. Diego C.

    Looks like it should have a battery, not a engine.

  13. jond983

    Love it! This design in my opinion is more revolutionary than the evolutionary trend that the Silverado has been known for. Chevrolet is finally getting it. Can't wait for specs & interior shots.

  14. Jay Bennie boy

    90% of people will buy this truck only for the LED running lights.

  15. Darius Branch

    This a joke right guys? RIGHT??!

  16. Samuel D

    That is one ugly truck

  17. Jake Fritz

    Wow thats a solid 2 foot of bed space cant wait for all the versatility!

  18. Steven Peterson

    Not the best design Chevy has come up with… Looks like crap

  19. ecoboost rules

    Can sure tell that ford and gm had to combine here, but didn't know that Toyota tundra was involved. Geezz gm get a decent design on your own. They have been ugly as shit since 98 now you have a tundra body with a half ass looking ford front end and a ford transmission. What You gonna do or copy nxt. Lol.

  20. Grey Goose 4x4

    This is the Chevy spokesman ? Mhmm yea

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