Aug 22

Toyota Fortuner VS Isuzu MU-X: Can The New Comer Take On The King?

For almost a decade now, the Toyota Fortuner has ruled the roost in the premium SUV category. In its second generation, the Toyota Fortuner has ditched the butch appeal and can now blend in the urban environment. However, do we need an SUV that looks sedate? This is the answer we got from Isuzu with the introduction of the MU-X. But, can the new entry challenge the undispited king of the premium SUV space. We pit the two against each other on and off the road to find just that out!


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  1. Amit Ranjan

    i like manual it feels like driving something

  2. Justine Charles Centeno

    I love love fortuner

  3. Dhamma Awchare

    I like Isuzu mux

  4. mau carlo

    TOYOTA 🙌🏻❤️

  5. Mark Wise

    With this two behind the wheels all you need now is a strong air freshener. If you know what l mean. 🙂

  6. vic rana

    isuzu can't beat the fortuner…talk about the 7" infotainment in second row..i mean who the fuck use that thing in a car ..???
    fortuner is the best..

  7. Laurence John Sortigosa

    Hilu. Tengelengeleng tengelengeleng

  8. NeelakandaN A

    I will wait for D-Max Automatic..

  9. Boby Yaduvanshi

    fortuner is best

  10. Arpit Gaur

    Endeavour is the king not Fortuner

  11. cleton colaso

    Better xuv500

  12. Moonface00z

    isuzu is obviously the winner. T hey are pure 4×4 even though lack in some technologies but who buy a 4×4 cares about those

  13. Sonu Multani

    fortuner always


    Fortuner i luv

  15. Mickey robert

    great review 😉

  16. Sabh Restman

    isuzu is making serious waves in india

  17. Elijah Rivera

    That's how you destroy a Fortuner. 😂😂😂

  18. Jaya Patel

    fortuner is the king…

  19. giovanni covita

    mux has bigger space than fortuner

  20. giovanni covita

    mux has bigger engine than fortuner

  21. stargeyser1

    If you are an adult try to seat on third row and you will see who is the winner!

  22. thành thành

    Mitsubishi pajero sport

  23. lol m/

    why you guys talk so funny?

  24. Roopinder Nahal

    Well done job..found specific

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