Apr 22

Toyota Hilux ArcticTruck 6×6

Тест-драйв Toyota Hilux ArcticTruck 6×6
Toyota Tundra 6×6 Hercules on Moscow Off-Road Show 2017. Video: https://youtu.be/0cpUvNkY6WM
Photo: http://offroadclub.ru/events/reports/?event=88199.html&report=90541.html


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  1. 이재경

    육륜 차 나도하나가지고싶은데어떻게해야할까요

  2. วีระพงษ์ วงศ์ศิลป์


  3. Jake Groening Giesbrecht

    How no you get 2 axles to work


    precio de ese guerrero …?

  5. Кирилл Бахилов

    Ценник конский ходы подвески очень маленькие блокировок нет для чего вообще он нужен

  6. Radex Borneo

    Buat muatan kelapa sawi cocok

  7. Mats Granqvist

    Anyone bitching that it's a 6×4 needs to get their eyesight checked out

  8. Artur CP

    Essa n deve capotar

  9. Deadpool Lee

    Top hear drove drunk to the Antarctic in a 4×4 this 6×6 sucks

  10. Antonio Martinez

    Three minutes I’ll never get back You Might as well blow the truck up its fucking worthless

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