Jul 31

Toyota Hilux Dakar Review – Is this the limited edition you want?

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The latest limited edition bakkie to join the market is this Hilux Dakar, from Toyota.

The new grille is the major new feature and will likely be carried forward as the face of the Hilux for the rest of its current life.

There are a few other additions which Juliet covers in this video as we test it in the mud and puddles of Melkbos’ 4×4 trail.


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  1. GoatHobbyWorld

    Great 4×4 video👍👍👍

  2. Mr Lima

    She’s fit 👌

  3. k. Hajji


  4. lilp090forlife 1

    my father has this car 😨

  5. Sayfire Nix

    Does buky stand for toyota?? Not sure

  6. The One

    I like you ma'am. You're beautiful

  7. Jan Nowak

    Is Dakar version lifted comparing to normal one?

  8. Ngala Hansel

    Wait, did I hear her say this goes for 70.000R?

  9. Ngala Hansel

    I like the fact that she's actually driving around in one while making the review. How much does this cost in SA ZAR?

  10. Benedict Evangelakos

    I have the 2018 model and actually prefer its looks, both interior and exterior; I think it looks smart and sleek. The volume button is not that much of an issue, in my opinion, since you can access it from the steering wheel; but I think the placement of some other functions could have been better. For instance, pressing the DAC (Downhill Assist Control) while being jostled about on bumpy terrain is not always easy; many a time have I “missed” and, inadvertently, turned the TRC off, which happens to be right next to it. Likewise, the ECO and PWR mode buttons should have been placed on the stick shirt itself, which would have made accessing them more intuitive. And, finally, the 4H-4L switch should have been what it used to be: a plain and simple shift lever. Again, it would have made shifting into four-wheel drive infinitely more intuitive. Though I would have preferred a shorter second gear – like my older Toyota – overall, shifting is quite smooth with the new six-speed transmission. As for power, let’s face it: Who would buy a Land Cruiser if the Hilux had a 4.5l engine? To be sure, not everyone wants a pickup truck; but, truth be told, a lot of people would settle for a Hilux Double Cab instead of dishing out roughly twice as much to buy a Land Cruiser! Toyota has a marketing strategy aimed at maximizing profitability just like everybody else -but that’s okay; because it’s a profit well-deserved: They offer us the best quality vehicles on the market with the best resale value included! And, by the way, I think you did a fine job presenting the Dakar edition, and can’t understand why all the complaining…

  11. Johnny king

    It's a pick up come on

  12. I R A

    I wish you can make a video about ford ranger raptor vs toyota hilux 2019!

  13. Skyler Saxs

    I've never liked Toyota never will, not a bad Bakkie tbh but Ford is for life 🤞🏻🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. GrozOutTV

    as if it’s v6 or v8 lol

  15. Top Lister

    In our country it's called toyota hilux conquest

  16. Yahbulani צ'ארלס

    Putting Dakar on a trucks name just for sales…It better be a Ford Raptor Baja Killer.

  17. D K

    Appreciate a thorough comparison review of the flagship bakkies.. Ford Ranger Raptor, Toyota Hilux Rugged X, Volkswagen V6 Ultimate, Holden Colorado Z71 Extreme and etc !

  18. Gibson Mpofu Bible Teacher Ethical

    I want this car

  19. Fouzaan Noble

    Yeah lifestyle bakkie equals cheap crap parts! My friend owns the shape just before this one, and he lives in Bela Bela, his bakkie is falling apart just from driving on unpaved roads all day. Asked him if he would get the new one, he said hell no.

  20. Stefano Thamage

    The color is graphite grey

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