Mar 13

Ultimate Canopy/Hardtop For Your Bakkie

The RSI SMARTCANOPY® comes with an array of accessories to make your next camping adventure easy and enjoyable.


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  1. Swag overland USA

    Yep got to have now

  2. Eddie & Terri Fort

    Any update on when these might be available in America?

  3. Henri Wolbrink

    Hi, just 2 questions.
    1) Is your favourite frontrunner rack mounted to the canopy or to the truck bed?
    2) And how easy/difficult is it to install/remove. In case of the occasional larger item transport.

  4. Mr.Poseidon

    Who’s dealing your product in North America. Losing out! We need those here mates. Get a move on it 😉

  5. Ray O

    4 wheel nomad .. Instagram brought me … also in U.S. and wanting one .. great stuff

  6. Drew Perez

    What are the dimensions on that internal offset FrontRunner rack? ~1,475mm x 1,170mm? ~1,220mm x 940mm? Looks like its mounted to the driver side bed rail and to the bottom of the SmartKitchen on the passenger. Are all the mounting brackets custom, they don't resemble anything I've seen FrontRunner come out with, it's sitting so low. Really clever addition, would love to do a similar offset rack shelf inside a bed canopy. Also, any American distributors or hopes of making it across the pond to us?

  7. René

    You don't say mutch about the canopy itself.

  8. Karl Umlauff

    Does the Frontrunner rack come in various widths?

  9. Blaine D.

    SHIP. TO. NORTH. AMERICA!!! I will buy one tomorrow if you do!

    Oh…… and kill the repetitive background music. It’s too loud, and really not needed.

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