Feb 05

US Army Tests The World Most Quiet Military Vehicle: Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 + US Marines Training

US Army test off road capability of the extremly quiet Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is powered by a hydrogen fuell-cell and has an approximately range of 200 miles.

Next part of the video show US Marines during convoy live fire training, humvee lifting whith a Boeing CH-47 Chinook and a familiarization training with a Utility Task Vehicle.

Video Credit: US Army, US Marines ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail Credit: GM , Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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  1. kloudkreeper

    How practical is electric for a military vehicle? And the last half of this video is for what? What a ridiculous waste of my time

  2. Whut Datytopsy

    Can't you just go faster than that?

  3. Kristoff Scherma

    Ugly as hell cant fit anyone in the rear seats over 5’5” especially with gear on. Will only make it to the battfield and not back One shot to the battery and your screwed. Ohhh and it’s a still a piece of shit Mexican made Chevy

  4. Gavril Dodon

    Америка это габно

  5. barbare04


  6. smilyface games

    it just a fancy shopping trolly

  7. FlumenSanctiViti

    4:54 watch your fingers! lol

  8. Christian Pastrano

    Couldn't an emp hidden underground like a mine make it completely useless?

  9. Аndroid Ussuriysk

    Тилега выебанная! Скрипит вся как металлолом.

  10. tony Kari

    anti gravity magmatic technology will be the future option for military vehicles etc….

  11. Brandon Abel

    Lamborfeetees or Chevroleg’s are far quieter and cheaper!

  12. Island Mike

    "Worlds most quit millitary verhicle… " SSSSQQQUUUUEEEEKKKK" !!! lost my shit right there 😅😅😅

  13. Bornnie Official

    Military sneaky B*#$&%d

  14. Frank Tenpenny

    hydrogen in a military pick-up truck? :))))))))))))

  15. Someone

    This is like ASMR!

  16. Smfanqing Wu

    just < amazing>

  17. Daniel Son

    That's good, a truck that doesn't make sound. I would think vidal and sound would compliment each other. What would be more amazing to me if they would make it blend well with the background or invisible. Even though you can't really hear this truck driving you can see it a mile away in the open field. I would think that would really be considered stealth.

  18. Randell Darcky

    We have Electric carts at work. You almost cant hear them coming. Always drive with lights on


    How about we just stop invading other countries to make the military industrial complex/oil companies rich and instead spend that money on our country's infrastructure and people. Just a crazy thought from a Jarhead Marine veteran.

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