Aug 12

Vauxhall (Opel) Astra Hatchback 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Vauxhall (or Opel) most recently declared that one in four Brits have owned or driven a Vauxhall Astra, so with this is mind will the new Astra live up to the self proclaimed hype? In such a competitive class can the Vauxhall Astra keep up with the likes of the ultra popular Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus? Watch our full review and find out what Mat thinks, you might be pleasantly surprised by this hatchback.

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  1. Samuel Brooks

    Nice Star Easter Eggs Matt ?

  2. Amplifier800

    To be fair, the rear arm rest and false floor are still available as relatively inexpensive options, and the false floor comes as standard on the estate, which's boot space rivals the Skoda Octavia.

  3. mobilesrockcom

    do a day in the life of mat watson!

  4. Narayani Swetharanyam

    Your reviews are brilliant and I have one final request. Please do a review of Jaguar XJ

  5. Narayani Swetharanyam

    Pls do a review of the Ford Fiesta


    Sometimes my impression of a car gets ruined when Matt says it has below average boot space. Then I have to remind myself that I only use the boot of my car once every Ice age.

  7. Qas Kas

    Best car reviewer

  8. Driving Derby

    The centre console has a face.. Now you can't unsee it

  9. Martin Cooper

    i have a corsa D and i enjoy it, too bad all the new astras ive seen come with the projectors and H1 highs.

  10. sic22l

    I actually like the front better than the rear end.

  11. Mussadaq Tahir

    Am I the only one that thinks the back looks like a Toyota auris

  12. Vinny

    1:24 teleporting Evian bottle

  13. Vitor Afterglow Ferreira

    Évian waters paid some good money for this… :)

  14. I'm watching you sleep

    No rear armrest? Moving on..

  15. jango1968

    yeah until the turbo goes and £400 later you lost all your fuel economy savings lol

  16. Watch Hobbyist

    Another great review, thanks, love the humour aspect!

  17. ravs05

    But the reliability is soo poor on this brand… Lots of my colleagues had issues with their brand new Vauxhalls

  18. Eat The Rich

    +carwow Matt, please make the laying down in the rear with the rear seats folded down test. I use to sleep in my car when I'm tired on the road. It would be pretty interesting to know if you can lay there for an hour or so before continuing the journey. Thank you

  19. i raul

    i'm surprised that they messed up the boot

  20. Ethan Mees

    the start was funny, great effort Mat

  21. Hilton Camons

    Just love CarWow reviews. And for years I've wondered why Opel always end their car names with the letter A. AstrA, CorsA, MokkA, VectrA, InsigniA, ZafirA… what, did AdamA not work for themA? :-)

  22. octagonElite92

    I thought the boot was bigger than a focus and a golf? shame it doesn't have a false floor though, as the corsa does weirdly

  23. Andreas Lie

    Mat, you're the best car reviewer in the world in my opinion

  24. Floris Klaver

    It looks so much better compared to the last two generations, sound like a good allrounder this one.

  25. Felipe Queirolo

    Man, do you even profit from this videos? I mean, they are incredible! Has all the information needed!

  26. insightq2x

    Mat: click alarm from the phone, add a beat and start bouncing!!! :D

  27. Dazza Isaac

    The new Astra in my opinion like oaks a bit of a misfit. The front hasn't really changed since the previous model. It's just a slight update. The rear and front just don't go together hence saying a bit of a misfit. Think I would pick the new Megane over the the Astra.

  28. pickyourchoose

    P.S. loving the videos!

  29. pickyourchoose

    The MY2017 Elite cars have the armrest and 40:20:40 split fold now. The earlier cars didn't for sure reason!

  30. Ioan Evans

    Very well done on the videos Mat, really liking them! Just wondering but could you do a review of the Land Rover Discovery 4 and (or) the Range Rover Sport?

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