Aug 27

VW Amarok vs Ford Ranger vs Toyota Hilux: OFF-ROAD BATTLE!

We put three SUVs in a gruelling offroad challenge… Now it’s time to do the same with three pickup trucks! The Ford Ranger Wildtrak will be taking on the VW Amarok and the Toyota Hilux Invincible. It’s armed with a turbocharged, 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder engine, producing 213hp and 500Nm of torque! The VW Amarok seems more impressive still, thanks to its 3.0-litre, turbocharged V6 – however, it only produces 204hp. The Hilux, meanwhile, has a 2.4-litre turbo engine with 4 cylinders, 148hp and 400Nm torque. But we all know how sturdy and indestructible this pickup is! It’s anything to play for, so find out which of these is the ultimate pickup by watching Mat put them through their paces!

#fordranger #toyotahilux #offroad

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  1. Mat Watson Cars

    Hey everyone Mat Watson here ☺. Hope you enjoy this video. Just so you know we shot this a while ago. We have a lot of upcoming videos from the past months which haven't been edited out yet. We will be releasing them over the coming weeks to keep you all entertained during lockdown. If you would also like to see some videos on the cars I actually own (Porsche 911, Supercharged MX-5 and Fiat 126), head over to my personal youtube channel and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/MatWatsonCars

  2. Sagetuta2006

    I think the Toyota had the biggest splash :))

  3. not for a specific thing

    toyota hilux is the best

  4. Stoke Brothers

    I think Volkswagen amarok better than other pick ups more pretty and comfortable.👍👍👍

  5. El Magnifico

    I didnt feel it so right becouse of speeds in some moments like amarock I think was winner 😄

  6. Asmr King

    Amarok wins

  7. pema pelmo

    It was the toyato

  8. Hemant singh

    Toyota made the invincible model after the top gear's episode where they completely destroyed this car but it still started even after all that beating 😂

  9. Tankrider

    i think teh ebst splash in teh end was toyota hilux, overall my fav pick up truck out of the 3

  10. Pierre Nel

    Toyota for lief

  11. Jannah Abdulkader

    Toyota hilax

  12. mark campbell

    I wanted the ranger to get the best splash and win but the Hilux I think did the best 😂😂

  13. EON 089

    Y E S G E R M A N C A R S A R E T H E B E S T

  14. Robert Swanepoel

    Why don't you use the 2.8L Hilux..?

  15. Evelyn Alda

    The ranger win

  16. Accrums Caidy

    I go for Amarok Volks Wagen

  17. Ollie_7654 _


  18. Giacomo Scomparin

    “Amarok has a powerful v6 tdi”
    Jeremy Clarkson

  19. Corrie Jacobs

    This is all bullshit, all vehicle tyres should be the same when comparing 4×4 vehicles

  20. Yen Rozali

    Bla bla bla. Hilux will last for 100 years for sure

  21. Spear Jackhamer

    Toyota salute https://youtu.be/ON8N57uY160

  22. Exel Fanly

    The Hilux Rims are The Fortuners Rims

  23. Darryl Rayes

    I like the Toyota Hilux because my dad have that truck

  24. HUE JUN YUAN Moe

    Toyota hilux

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