Nov 15

VW Caddy Mk1 & bagged Golf Mk4

Here is a short movie from a VW Caddy Mk1 and a bagged VW Golf Mk4:


Music: MT Eden Dubstep – Beautiful Lies


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  1. TheAlynutza5

    nice nice nice!!!!!!

  2. R T

    I have a caddy too I might paint mine a similar color or deep blue pearl which is on mk4 r32's

  3. barrett2k

    whats with the stupid cam fade in and out ruined the vid imp be nice to get a proper look at the caddy tbo

  4. goldi2301

    nice  hammer  !! :o)

  5. KevinxDoll

    Am I the only person that can't watch this because of the stupid fade out and in effect?

  6. Patrick McGrath

    What seats are those in the caddy? Mk2 golf reupholstered? 

  7. Rhaihesse Moped

    moin mal ne kleine frage was kostet der caddy in der anschaffung und unterhaltung ? würde mich über ne antwort freuen 

  8. bmx00bimbam

    fritz'chens caddy ist so geil !

  9. Marvin Petersen

    farbcode vom caddy ?
    colourcode from the mk1 ?

  10. Danny Pollard

    I Want It So Much!

  11. MW-Video Prdctns

    you can find the tail lights for the caddy by Volkswarenhaus.de

  12. kmart nw

    where did you find the tail lights for the caddy?

  13. Mormor Veteran

    the caddy is pure perfection!

  14. MW-Video Prdctns

    Hey, thanks for your comment! Yes your caddy looks very similar, really well done! However, I do not like the clean tailgate without the "Volkswagen" script. But still one of the best Mk1 caddy's I've seen so far! 🙂

  15. Rocco karadag

    The colour looks very similar to my VW caddy! For that reason it looks nice look at my Caddy if you had time

  16. BooglesMcGee

    Love the Caddy, hate the fade out/in effect. Detracted from the video.

  17. MW-Video Prdctns

    haha on these cars you will find no rust.;)

  18. Rob

    not enough rust

  19. Braden Williams

    I want your caddy soo bad

  20. MW-Video Prdctns

    This color on that caddy is a special red color mixing from Ford / Isuzu.

  21. thestancehelix

    Top wie immer

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