Apr 19

WHY Didn’t I Do This Earlier? Summer Incoming.. Opel Z20let Restore

The Opel Z20let Turbo engined Astra gets complete rear beam overhaul with restoration of rusty parts and Powerflex Solid Bushes. Plenty more upgrades incoming


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  1. John Golightly

    Very good work as usual.

  2. Marc

    Rear beam finish was more than adequate for the job and car it's going on. Could hardly believe it was brush painted on. What type was it again??

    Great work as usual.

  3. Richard Powell

    That paint looks great nice and thick no brush marks QUALITY ….

  4. unclear steve

    Who's is the escort cossie on the trailer in the background?

  5. dunno wbu

    Keep em coming mate, could watch your video for hours, plus just found out your into muay Thai 😁

  6. diavo009

    Not the biggest fan of vauxhalls but absolutely love youre channel! Good to see someone real, doing the work yourself, no lifts or paying anyone etc. Awesome man.

  7. C gleebo

    so the coupe turbo rear beam is the same as a gsi?

  8. Team EliteUK

    Genius 👍

  9. Big Bad John

    Were do you get that axle paint from mate.

  10. Dan Blake

    Looking good mate As always 👍🏻👌🏻

  11. Dash Cam Das

    Are you selling your UnKnown Performance Stickers?

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