Jan 08

Why is this pickup SOOO popular? Chevrolet Silverado review

This is the Chevrolet Silverado! It’s an absolute behemoth on the roads, and Mat’s got his hands on this popular American pickup to find out just why it’s so popular over in the states! The top-of-the-range model comes with a 6.2-litre V8 which can achieve 460hp and hit 0-60 in just 6 seconds! But does this gigantic pickup do enough to set it apart from the rest of the competition? And more importantly, is it THE must-have American pickup of 2020? Join Mat to find out!

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  1. Jaclyn Chou

    Here we go California again Lol

  2. James Mastroianni

    When it comes to trucks, HP means a whole lot less than Torque. The 3.0 inline 6 turbo diesel is actually a top engine choice for the silverado (the same way it is in the ram and f150) as it delivers massive torque (460ft-lbs, same as the 6.2 V8) with great fuel economy. Also the reason why the 5.3 V8 is the volume engine is that sweet naturally aspirated 383ft-lbs of torque. Also the 6.2 makes 420hp, not 460.

    Also for the Europeans who don't know much about trucks (understandably since you don't really have them there), the leafsprings are a good thing since it enables you to carry more weight, safer. The ram 1500 (and 2500 for that matter) don't do as well with a heavy payload since the coils don't hold up as well. Other important truck things are solid rear axles for the same reason as leafs, tires and wheels are heavier duty since they are also built to handle more weight, the interior plastics in most trucks (excluding the highest end luxury trucks) are to help with durability over the working life of the vehicle, and large naturally aspirated gas/petrol engines are very popular over small turbos due to the reliability. Ford's ecoboost f150's are proof turbo gas engines and towing don't mix. (diesels are fine though because of how overbuilt they are obviously). One last note is as you move into HD trucks, you will find trucks with curb weights in excess of 4 tons, so they get very large very quickly. But then again those trucks can tow upwards of 17 tons so teaches own

  3. Faizan Afzal

    Please do a truck drag race!!! Silverado vs. Ram vs. F150 vs. Tundra

  4. Woof

    7:00 omg why does that sound like that voice shaking filter lol

  5. KMN

    There's a good reason for the leaf springs, I wouldn't be without them.

  6. S A

    Why is the camera so shaky in portions of the video? Its annoying

  7. Lead Paint

    No worries mate. That truck will be absolutely useless in a dozen years once the frame rots out. Nice work GM.

  8. Sivaprasad S


  9. exist-before-internet

    Hey mister,

    you will be surprised, but all german, italian, french, japanese cars are made of plastic inside. And surprisingly, also the british cucumbers.

  10. jakub jodlowski

    Please review the Ford and Dodge as well!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  11. Agus Orellana

    Where’s the F150? I wanna see mat reviewing an F150

  12. Tafla

    Stupid car.

  13. Wakeupeople bla

    Ford and chevy have some interior upgrades that are badly needed. Ram finally listened to the customer!

  14. Erick Lyatuu

    Its looks like gmc at4 hd interior

  15. Drop a Gear and Disappear

    You must be like 5”1 to be able to lay down sideways in the bed lol

  16. Rob Leatherberry

    Was this review filmed during an earthquake? The camera man has the shakes in every shot. 😂

  17. Lavalambtron

    Absolutely no one cares about plastics, no one touches them ever.

  18. Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!

    Because Americans loves big and gas-guzzling vehicles to show their big muscles while hiding its tiny brain

  19. Ollie Meaton

    I like it. Definitely looks better having been de-chromed for the most part.

  20. Germain Gonzalez

    I am an American man, but I hate pick up trucks. I really don't get why they sell so many. I would love a pick up truck if I was a contractor or something like that, but most people that buy them could benefit of a more practical vehicle.

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