Jul 10

WOW!!! 2019 CHEVROLET BLAZER – Exterior and Interior

WOW!!! 2019 CHEVROLET BLAZER – Exterior and Interior

General Motors at long last gave us our first take a gander at the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Exterior and Interior at an occasion in Atlanta, yet not at all like the 2019 Chevy Blazers of the past, this one isn’t a body-on-outline SUV, or a two-entryway, nor does it have a removable rooftop. Rather, it rides on an indistinguishable C1 design from other auto based hybrids including the Cadillac XT5 and GMC Acadia. One distinction: a more extensive track to give it more bigness and character.

The five-traveler hybrid comes in three trim levels including the sportier and passed out RS and the more upscale Premier, both with discretionary 21-inch wheels rather than the standard 18s. New Chevrolet Blazer endeavored to give each trim a particular look with changes to the grilles and trim pieces.

The New Chevy Blazer 2019 name, which goes back to 1969, has not been utilized since 2005, but rather the vehicle business is experiencing a retro stage with other disposed of names returning, including the Ford Bronco, Lincoln Continental, and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Automakers spare a ton on promoting when known names are repurposed, and they have indicated they have no second thoughts about putting past names on vehicles incomprehensibly not quite the same as their unique namesakes.

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  1. Young Richie

    Should’ve been an SS

  2. 미스터최

    내장재좀 좋은 써라 시봉생이들아 레자가죽은 최하급쓰고 내부 플라스틱은 완전 싸구리쓰냐?

    그래서 한국은 언제오는데?

  3. Caleb Downey

    oh cool… they made another mini van station wagon "SUV" and ruined what used to be a badass vehicle. Maybe they'll bring the Nova back and ruin it again too lmao.

  4. sir fan

    come to china- -!quickly even we are on trade war

  5. Dana Reynolds

    Nice Highlander

  6. tensii Kim

    It reminds me of Lexus RX

  7. 为人民服务Hamster Player

    Wheels need more obvious spacial drama, like the ones on gen5 camaro Z28.

  8. John aqp

    Por fin Chevrolet realizo una buena camioneta. Con buena pinta y bastante moderna. Copia o no copia de la santa fe de Hyundai, igual esta marca se copio la delantera de Citroen. Solo esperemos que vengan con buen precio para ganar el segmento en el que estan enfocados. Lo necesitan; Chevrolet cada vez perdiendo clientes por modelos desfazados como que estan atrazados una o dos generacíones en apariencia ( ejemplo la Equinox por atras parece un auto de los 90 ) y con precios demasiados caros para lo que valen realmente.

  9. Ja Jahmal


  10. richystar2001

    More a platform for the Cadillac Xt6 than for the utility factor of a Blazer…. If you want this platform buy the new Xt6… If you want utility buy the Colorado pickup.

  11. Nightowl358



    Cough cough looks better than that Camaro they came out

  13. Juan Gutierrez

    Chevrolet basura norte americana

  14. Joe Mcmahon

    Not a Blazer the real Blazer was a truck that had a removable top the rear window went up and down and it had a V-8 big fail here

  15. teoff16

    Everyone copies Lexus.

  16. jack pason

    this is hyundai – santa Fe???

  17. walter masink

    cheap looking interior. 👎

  18. joerfi marteventura


  19. القيصر

    like Hundai Santa Fe 2019 🤔😏

  20. Tota

    Why didn’t the camaro have this front end.

  21. Nono Ami

    Best before 2019

  22. David Smith

    HEY LOOK! The Soccer Mommobile just got another facelift! 🤣

  23. David Smith

    Nice…..but not worthy of the Blazer name. If this had the features of a Grand Cherokee, maybe.

  24. Zim Zala

    Exterior looks like most other Japanese suv's and interior looks bland and cheap. Nothing new or innovative.

  25. big yee

    A 4 cylinder😂 original K5 blazer designer is rolling on its grave.

  26. George 817

    That don't look nothing like a blazer! It's just another suv

  27. 류정훈

    looks like hyundai santafe

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