Jun 16

Z06 Owners Suing Chevrolet For Lying?

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Class Action Lawyers generally suck, as seems to be the case here, a handful of owners are accusing Chevrolet of deceiving them during the sales process. The key factor is whether the car was sold as a street car or a track car to me, as a street car the Z06s aren’t materially defective, which would the only valid claim. Virtually all street cars require upgrades for consistent performance during road course use.

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Jalopnik Article and suit

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  1. Kalel Kent

    I have to agree with Rob, however the owners still stand a chance at winning this. It all comes down to the car having an option that is named track mode. If it is perceived by the owners that track mode means the car can handle multiple laps around the track with no issues then it makes the argument that the car was bought with that belief in mind. Between the words used in the advertisements and the options on the car named track mode it can easily be proven that it was advertised as a fully capable track car. Its not about right or wrong its about what is perceived and believed by the end user.


    Kill ur self rob

  3. Kristina Yaparova

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  4. michael o'mahony

    As if you can't afford razor blades

  5. JiRahb likestheinternet

    i disagree the z06 is a track car

  6. j dunbar

    this is absolutely a stupid lawsuit and sad that these idiots dont have a clue. this is why going to the dr is so expensive with the crazy high insurance they have to keep.

  7. FalconXE302

    Is this video not sponsored by Chevrolet… I simply do not understand… !

  8. robo tiger

    rob you dont need to shave but once a year.

  9. killerjhul

    in this video Rob Macaroni beats you up with common sense

  10. Xrstopher Popp

    are you kidding me with the sound? all your video's are plagued by bad sound, i'm about to give up…

  11. Sal Amander

    This guy's an absolute moron.
    According to everything he said, a VIPER ACR is not a track car either.
    I say that a VIPER ACR is ABSOLUTELY a track car.
    There is NO REASON TO EVER have carbon ceramic brakes on a road car for instance.
    Any car that has Carbon Ceramic brakes is DEFINITELY meant to be driven on a track.
    The ZO7 package makes the ZO6 a track car as far as I'm concerned.
    A ZO6 is supposed to be a DUAL PURPOSE car that is equally at home on the road or on the track.

  12. HerbalPowered

    Never put your hand on the inside of the wheel rim, noob.

  13. tot tota

    The only autistic retards who find the spaghetti comments funny have boring lives or extremely low standards for humour.

    Lay it on me haters, roast me.

  14. Indrek

    get spagetti sponsor please

  15. BMW ///M POWER

    That car was to put good lap times a m4 gts and 911 gt3 rs or a mercades gtr are made for that they are both good tracks don streets and roll cages and all the equipments for the track

  16. Sean Henry

    Want a supercharged C7 for the track? Get a Grand Sport and put a centrifugal with an air to air intercooler on it.

  17. Warrior Wombat

    If this was a track car it would be shite to drive on the road, as they all are.

  18. Gregg Kulback


  19. Avery Confer

    I don't think people should expect a stock street car to be a full blown track ready car…… but I do think performance cars should be able to take on what the average driver can throw at them. of I get a wrx STI and go blazing down some private dirt roads (like the complex network of roads to various cabins and fire trails here) I expect it to be able to handle it. They have to assume people are buying performance to use performance. not just to brag about it's potential to be used a certain way.

  20. Jennifer WhiteWolf

    Corvettes come with crap cooling systems anyway. I NEVER track my C5, but it was essential to put in a Ron Davis aluminum rad just to not run at 240 on summer days. The lawsuit is BS, its a freaking street passenger car. Going racing with a Vette??..be prepared to spend 100 or 200 thousand to rebuild the car…

  21. Silvio Joseph

    I think you're right, Rob. When you track a street car, any reasonable human goes in knowing you may very well destroy something unless you built the car to withstand the type of abuse a vehicle goes through on the track. And by doing that, the warranty is most likely voided anyway due to the modifications required to be able to reliably track a car. IMO your opinion on this is spot on. It's unreasonable to think you can take a car off of a dealer's lot and track it all day with no issues. People may very well be paid out on this perceived 'issue' with the Corvette, but the issue is the owner, not the car or GM.

  22. Donz Milky

    totally agree, scumbag move grabbing for money. lawyers just want their easy million and the plaintiffs just want a discount on their sports cars or free repairs for all the parts they beat the balls off of.

  23. dannydaw59

    Do the other competing sports cars in the same class that aren't considered "track car" as the Z06 overheat and go into limp mode too? It seems like GM is trying to get out of just fixing the overheating issues by saying it's not a track car. If the other cars in it's class don't overheat on the track then that's a huge black mark on the Vette.

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